Coke Ovens


Endoscopic survey allows the coke plant managers and operators to have a diagnosis of the condition of the inner parts of the coke oven batteries : flues, channels, gas gun, regenerators, …

FIB-Services International has developed its own equipment…

Endoscopic assistance is also usefull for deeper repairs in the coke oven chamber

Endoscopy of Heating Flue
Endoscopy of Regenerator
Endoscopy top of Regenerator


Coke oven experts with a wide international experience of coke oven maintenance, repair and management can provide you with a tailor-made technical assistance for :

  • Audit & Diagnosis of the conditions of the battery (refractory and metallic)
  • Training of coke plant operators and managers
  • Maintenance and repair program
  • Training of ceramic welding technicians and maintenance operators
Training of Welding Team
Expertise of Coke Oven
R&D Facilities


FIB-Services International offers two different technologies for deslagging :

  • RPR SB : Sand blasting
  • Pneumatic hammers
Pneumatic Hammer
Sandblasting Machine (RPR SB)

Ceramic Welding

For about 25 years, FIB-Services International S.A is providing the coke making industry with a top quality ceramic welding process.

RPR Ceramic welding technology has been developed by FIB-Services International to :

  • Increase the lifetime of the repair
  • Reduce the consumption of ceramic welding material
  • Minimize the time and the cost for maintenance of equipment
  • (no electricity, no electronics, no pressurized vessels)
  • Ensure a safe working environment for the welders (several safety devices)
  • Provide the welder with a user friendly technology
  • Minimize the manpower needs

FIB-Services International RPR Material is suitable for all parts of the coke ovens: heating walls, door jambs, regenerators, charging holes, fume boxes.

For the cleaning and the preparation of the refractory lining, FIB-Services International proposes pneumatic hammers or sandblasting technologies.

Heating Wall
Damage on Heating Wall
Wall After Ceramic Welding
Repairs with S-Bricks
Ceramic Welding with S-Bricks
Damage on Regenerator
Regenerator after Ceramic Welding
Fume Box
Damage in Fume Box
Fume Box after Ceramic Welding

Glass Coating (RPR GC)

RPR-GC Grade is a grade of ceramic welding material especially developed to prevent a strong and deep carbon built-up.

Without application of RPR GC Material, the carbon uses to penetrate the bricks and the cast material through their porosity. As a result, the carbon is strongly and deeply fixed in the bricks / mortar.

When the RPR GC material is applied on the refractory lining (mainly in the charging holes and the goose neck) a thin vitreous layer is created and will avoid any penetration of the carbon in the original refractory lining.

Charging Hole
Charging Hole without RPR-GC
Application of RPR-GC
Charging Hole with RPR-GC
RPR-GC Layer

S-Bricks (S-Bricks)

FIB-Services International has designed a special brick called “S-Bricks” for the repair of big damages in the refractory lining of a coke oven chamber.

These bricks, combined with ceramic welding (RPR-SC*) allow a strong repair of larger areas.

The S-Bricks has many applications :

  • Open a letterbox in the wall to clean the bottom of the flue.
  • For Medium repairs
  • For Major repairs
  • For repairs in the middle of the chamber
Application of S-Bricks in Hole
Wall After Ceramic Welding
Application of S-Bricks in Hole
Wall After Ceramic Welding
Big Hole in Heating Flue
Application of S-Bricks and Welding
Application of S-Bricks and Welding
Final Result

Treatment of Microcracks (RPR SL)

Application of the RPR-SL Technology for the global treatment of the microcracks results in the reduction of air emissions due to the leakages between the coke oven chamber and the heating flues.

The application of the RPR SL Technology is recommended :

  • After the heating up of a new oven
  • After a major repair of maintenance work
  • After the hot idling of a battery
  • After a decarbonization period

Application is quick (5 minutes) and easy.

RPR SL can also be used for the diagnostic of the coke oven.

Easy Application of RPR SL
RPR-SL deposit
RPR-SL deposit