Other Furnaces and Kilns


RPR™ Technologies can be applied for the maintenance of many kind of furnaces :

  • Lime-Kilns
  • Walking Beam Furnace
  • Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Galvanization
  • Non Ferrous Industry (Smelting Furnaces)
  • Petrochemical Industry (Cracking)
  • Cement Kilns
  • Incinerator

Our R&D team can provide you with a quick tailor-made solution on request.


Endoscopy at high temperature allows :

  • Visual inspection of the furnaces
  • Preventive monitoring of the furnac
  • Control of the process
  • Assistance during hot repairs
Endoscopy of Reheating Furnace
Endoscopy of Ceramics Furnace
Endoscopy of Converter
Endoscopy of Degasser
Endoscopy of Rolling Mills
Endoscopy of Cracking Furnace(Petrochemical)
Endoscopy of Incinerator
Endoscopy of Lime Kiln

Ceramic Welding

A Ceramic Welding is the most appropriate method for an efficient repair of the refractory lining of industrial furnace :

  • Repair in hot conditions
  • Long lasting repair (vs. Gunning repair)
  • Reduced production loss

Applications (click to enlarge)

Walking Beam Furnace
Damage on Walking Beam Block
Ceramic Welding Operation
Block after Ceramic Welding
Zinc Smelting Furnace
Damage in Zinc Smelting Furnace
Ceramic Welding Operation
Refractory Lining after Cermaic Welding
Lime Kiln
Damage in Lime Kiln
After Ceramic Welding Operation
Heat Treatment Furnace
Damage on Refractory Lining of Reheating Furnace
Result after Consolidation and Relining by Ceramic Welding