Welcome to FIB-Services International 

FIB-Services Group has been providing solutions to the industry for the preventive maintenance, the curative repair of refractory linings at high temperature and the reduction of air emissions for more than 34 years ​

Head Office & R&D : Rue de l'Industrie 20, 8399 Windhof, Luxembourg

Technologies for Inspection, Maintenance & Repair of

Photo 9 - Ceramic Welding Operation from

Coke Ovens

Hot Blast Stoves

Glass Furnaces

Lime & Cement Kilns

Other Reactors

Smelters - Melters

Ladles - Boilers

Ceramic Welding

Our process has been developed in 1992

Simple - Easy - Reliable

Coke Oven Emissions

Special treatment for the reduction of coke ovens air emissions


Special Equipment and Service for Endoscopy at High Temperature

Hot Blast Stoves

FIBS has performed hundreds of stove endoscopic inspection and repairs !