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FIB-Services Group has been providing solutions to the industry for the preventive maintenance, the curative repair of refractory linings at high temperature and the reduction of air emissions for more than 32 years ​

Head Office & R&D : Rue de l'Industrie 20, 8399 Windhof, Luxembourg


Technologies for Inspection, Maintenance & Repair of :

Coke Ovens

Hot Blast Stoves

Lime Kilns

Glass Furnaces

Other Reactors


COVID 19 - Continuity

Thanks to the policy management of FIBS in terms of supply chain and stock level, we inform ou customers that FIBS will be in a measure to continue the normal deliveries toour customers. Click on the Left Picture to review the measures of our  "Plan COVID 19"

The Fifth Russian Coking conference, Moscow

Last October FIB-Services International S.A. participated to the "Fifth Russian Coking Conference" in Moscow and had the opportunity to discuss about  its solution for the reduction of the environmental impact of the coke production.  http://okos.ru/konferenciya-2019/russian-coking-conference-2019/the-conference-agenda-2019.html

Kick Off Russia 

FIB-Services International and its local partner "Okos" were present in a coke plant in Russia for a demonstration of the RPR Technologies for the preventive maintenance of coke ovens !

Estad-Metec 2019

FIB-Services International S.A. will present a paper "RPR SL Application for the Treatment of Microcracks in the Refractory Lining of Coke Ovens".   Let's join on June 25th, 2019 - 14:20, Room 19 to discuss about air emissions & Solutions ! Discover the full program : https://www.metec-estad2019.com/mobile/ 

Kick Off "Indian Coke Ovens"

FIB-Services International S.A. has been recently selected for the supply of ceramic welding technologies to repair a coke oven battery in India (tall ovens). A new important ilestone in our international development ! Get more information about our technologies and partners in India !

Eurocoke Summit 2019

Delegates of FIB-Services International S.A. attended the recent Eurocoke Summit (Amsterdam) to understand the next challenges of the cokemaking industry and to meet their partners and customers. FIB-Services International S.A. has proudly sponsored the event - more pictures :  https://www.metcokemarkets.com/eurocoke-summit/photo-gallery

Safety First !

All members of FIBS' group of companies have sucessfully passed the intermediate control of their health and safety management system (VCA*)

Recent Developments in Russia

FIB-Services International S.A. have signed a cooperation agreement with a top-company in Russia for coke oven repair, maintenance and services in order to supply FIBS technologies in Russian coke plants.

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