Coke Ovens

For more than 30 years, FIBS has been providing coke plants  with  technologies dedicated to the PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE and CURATIVE REPAIR of the refractories of coke ovens, as well as a unique process for the REDUCTION OF AIR EMISSIONS (cross leakages). These technologies have been fully in house engineered.

Our Special Techniques to Reduce Stack Emissions

Ceramic Welding


Ceramic Welding process of FIBS has been developed in the early 90's. This process is now accepted by the industry as one of the most performing process thanks to :

A Simple and Easy Equipment

  • Less manpower

  • No electricity, no electronics, no nitrogen

  • No pressurized vessel

  • No complex regulation for material flow

  • Cleaning with Hammers / Sandblasting

A First Class Material

  • High Quality Raw Materials

  • Strong Quality Controls 

  • Material adapted to all parts

  • Material for welding at low temperature 

An Experienced Team

  • Deep knowledge of refractories

  • Long experience of coke oven

Ceramic Welding in Waste Flue Chanel
Ceramic Weldin Suitable for Area withTheral Shocks
Ceramic Welding with Water-Cooled Lances
Only 2 operators
Ceramic Welding of Cracks
Ceramic Welding of Sole Flue (Non Recovery)



The application of S-Bricks is a quick and cheap solution to the hot repair of major damages. 

It can be applied for :

  • End Flue Repair (full height) : possible to repair 1st and 2nd flues even for tall ovens (lifetime > 4 years for 7 m tall battery)

  • Flues Repair (partial) after cleaning of the heating flue bottom

  • Flues Repair (partial) deeper in the coke oven chamber

Installation of S-Bricks
Installation of S-Bricks
Installation of S-Bricks
Installation of S-Bricks in the Middle of the Under Endoscopy Chamber

Liquid Dusting for the Reduction of Air Emissions (Microcracks Treatment) : RPR SL


Air emissions and environmental care are to be considered as an important factor of the coke production.

Air emissions due to the coke production process have various origins, among them the cross leakages between the coking chamber and the heating flues. When the leakages are below 2 mm, it is very difficult to close them individually with ceramic welding. FIBS has engineered an genuine process that allows the global sealing of microcracks up to 2 mm.

The process consists in the pulverization of approximately 2 liters of  liquid material (it is not a waterous suspension of silica) in the coke oven chamber. The material will ignite and create a cloud of new silica particles (amorphous = no risk for health) that will be pushed by the pressure release of the reaction through the cracks until complete sealing of the coking chamber. The application takes only 5 minutes

Main advantages 

  • No risk for silica disease

  • Quick and easy

  • More efficient than silica dusting

  • No deposit on the flue bottom 

RPR SL Pulverization
RPR SL Pulverization
RPR SL Deposit after Application
RPR SL Deposit after Application

Glass Coating (RPR GC)

RPR GC (Glass Coating) is a very specific grade of ceramic welding material especially developed to prevent a strong and deep anchorage of carbon in the refractory lining of the coke oven. This material can be applied in :

  • The charging hole area 

  • The Upper part of the chamber

  • The ascension pipe and the goose neck

Glass Coating Application in Goose Neck
Glass Coating Layer
Glass Coating Application in Chaging Hole
Glass Coating



FIBS has developed its own endosopic equipment in the prupose of assistance during the repairs in the middle of the ovens, or in the heating flue. This Equipment can also be used for the monitoring of heating flue, gas gun, regenerators, and channels.

Endoscopy of Heating Flue
ndoscopy Top of Regenerator
Endoscopy Air Riser

Expertise, Technical Assistance and Training


FIBS has set up an expert team with long-experienced coke plant operators/managers, ceramic welding specialists and refractory specialists. This team is able to :

  • Train and assist contractor (ceramic welding, best practice for maintenance, refractories, etc.)

  • Assist the coke pant with solving problem, implementation of a maintenance programm, adjustment of production parameters, etc...

  • Provide any other audit and survey service (conditions of the ovens, recommendations, etc.)

FIBS' specialists have already trained, certified and assisted more than 350 ceramic welders in more than 25 different countries !

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