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About us

Our Group

Our Group
FIB-Services International (FIBS) is a member of FIBS' group of companies.

Since 1987, FIBS is providing the industry with solutions for the hot repair of refractories, for the preventive maintenance and for the reduction of air emissions. 
FIBS' range of technologies is called RPR (Reactive Projection Repair). It includes Ceramic Welding, Endoscopy at high temperature, Liquid Dusting, S-Bricks, Glass Coating  and related equipment and materials. FIBS focus on high performing technologies, Research & Development (R&D), and continuous improvement.
Thanks to our close contact with the industry, our experienced engineers and technicians, to our internal lab and pilot furnace, to our own production facilities, we are able to control our technologies from their early stage of testing to the final implementation.

First class companies all over the world are using FIBS technologies with the highest satisfaction.

Ceramic Welding Manufacturig Plant

Our R&D lab and Own Production Facilities

FIBS first objective is to provide first-class technologies (material, equipment, services) to the industry.

In order to fullfill this objective, FIBS owns of a production plant  fully dedicated to the production of the RPR Technologies.

The large warehouse and  facilities are equipped with the most modern equipments that allow a quick and flexible production as well as a large storage  for raw materials and final products.

The plant is ideally located in the middle of  Europe's most important highway network, and only 2 hours drive from the Port of Antwerp.

A small but efficient lab with testing equipments (including a pilot furnace) supports :

  • The development of new processes

  • The continuous improvement of the RPR Materials and Equipment

  • The quality control of the RPR Materials

Lab & Production Facilities
Ceramic Welding in Pilot Furnace
Quality Control of Ceramic Weldig
Quality Control Equipment
Lab Equipment

Our Values : Integrity, Commitment to Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Safety

Satisfaction of the customers, the partners and the collaborators is in the center of all FIBS attention.

FIBS' management and collaborators are continously working  to maintain a high satisfaction level, Therefore,to provide the organization with a framework, we have recently decided to integrate the criteria of the standard norm ISO 9001:2015, by focussing on : 

  • Health & Safety (FIBS is already VCA*-Certified)

  • Environment

  • Services

  • Logistics

  • Customer's needs

Commitment, Satisfaction, Safety
Our team

Our Team 

FIBS' expertise is based on the combined experience of technicians, managers and consultants who have experienced projects around the world for more than 20 years.

The experience of this foundation combined with the know-how and quality of the FIBS Group's network of partners around the globe enables FIBS to offer top-quality repair and maintenance solutions. 

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