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RPR Technologies (Reactive Projection Repair)

FIBS Group has developed a range of technologies dedicated to the :

  • Preventive maintenance of refractories at high temperature
  • Curative repair of refractories at high temperature
  • Reduction of air emissions
  • Expertise and inspections
All the technologies have been developed by FIBS Group considering :
  • Reduced T.C.O. (Total Cost of Ownership) for the plants operators : quick application, decision analysis, long repair life, reduced downtimes
  • Extended lifetime of the refractories
  • Better environment
  • Better working conditions for the operators
Ceramic Welding

Ceramic Welding

Process - Since many years, ceramic welding is recognized as the best method for the maintenance of the refractory lining of the coke ovens, glass furnaces ...  as well as for extending the lifetime of the production assets.

FIBS has been supplying a genuine ceramic welding technology since the early nineties. Nowadays, FIBS ceramic welding serves as the benchmark for the industry.

Advantages of FIBS Ceramic Welding Technology :


  • High Quality Material 

  • Long lifetime

  • Production of the ceramic welding mixture in FIBS premises and severe quality controls

  • Continuous improvement thanks to a R&D lab

  • Light and small machine that requires only 2 operators

  • No electricity, no electronics, no pressurized vessels, no nitrogen

FIBS offers a wide range of ceramic welding materials to allow the repair of all kind of ovens, furnaces, kilns, or reactors, boilers, and chosen and adapted to all temperatures. 


 Technical Data Sheet upon Request 

Equipment for Ceramic Welding

Equipment (RPR Machine and accessories) for the application of ceramic welding has been developed considering :

  • Ergonomy : small and light, easy to carry

  • Simplicity : very low maintenance, no electricity, or electronics

  • Efficiency : continuous feeding of the material, low spare parts consumption

  • Safety : no pressurized vessel, different safety devices

 Technical Specification upon Request 

Materials  for ceramic welding (RPR Powders) are produced in FIBS high capacity manufacturing plant.

Manufacturing plant of FIBS is idealy located at maximum 2 hours drive from Antwerp Harbour and in the middle of an important highway network.

The manufacturing process includes :

  • A severe selection and quality control of the raw materials

  • Various control devices on the production lines

  • Quality control on the final product including labs controls and controls in our pilot furnace

Refractory specialists are working everyday on the improvement of the RPR powders.

FIBS has developped a complete range of RPR Materials to repairs lining at any temperature  : Silica, Alumina, Chamotte, Mullite, Zirconia, AZC, Jargal, Magnesia, Dolomia. 

 Technical Data Sheet upon Request 

RPR Materials

Endoscopy (Endoscopic Survey)

The endoscopy method at high temperature is the most convenient  and efficient solution for regular preventive controls as well as for inspecting an eventual damafg to the refractory lining or the internal components of a furnace. The self-developed equipment is easy to handle and and its dimensions are reasonable.

This method allows a :

  • thorough and complete analysis of the furnace / reactor including areas wehere vision is very bad by capturing vieo footage to analyse the damages in real time and a posteriori.

  • continuous control, if required of a repair process (RPR®, follow up of a flow, progress of reagents and finished products in a reactor.)

Endoscopic inspection can be carried out in all kinds of reactors, furnaces, ovens.

FIBS disposes of a flexible cooled-endoscopes and rigid cooled-endoscopes (up to 10 m) with a specific software and portable flight case 

Information about Renting

Information about Endoscopic Survey

Information about Development of a Tailor-Made Equipment


Repairs with S-Bricks

FIBS has developed and patented a process to repair major damage to the refractory lining of the coke oven chamber. This process requires a special pre-shaped brick (S-Bricks), coupled with ceramic welding.

The use of S-Bricks allows the coke plant to postpone major expenditure dedicated to the partial replacement of the coke oven end-flues.


The installation of the S-Bricks, at high temperature, is operated in a short lap of time and allows the coke producer to restart operations quickly after a major accident.

Records show a long lifetime (from 3 to more years for deeper repairs) for both small and tall batteries.

S-Bricks is also helpful when one needs  to close the opening in the wall after cleaning of the flue bottom.

Ask for our special applications in Lime Kilns, Non Recovery Ovens and other Furnaces !


Glass Coating

Glass Coating

During the coking process, natural carbon (graphite) deposit will take place in the upper area of the coke oven chamber including the charging hole areas.

In order to prevent the carbon from deeply entering into the porosity of the refractories, FIBS has developed the RPR GC (Glass Coating) technology. The application of RPR GC will lead to the formation of a glassy refractory layer on the surface of the refractory lining.

The "almost zero-porosity"  feature of this newly created material will form a barrier to the carbon/graphite rooting and protect the original refractories from its attacks.


Liquid Dusting

Reduction of Air Emissions (Liquid Dusting of Coke Ovens)

In order to provide a suitable technology to reduce the air emissions due to the leakages between the chamber and the flues, FIBS has developed the RPR-SL Process :

With a single, and quick operation the operators can fill in all the microcracks in the heating wall of the coke oven.

The pulverization of a liquid mixture (max. 2.5 Liter per oven) into the coke oven chamber will result in the creation of silica particules that will circulate through the microcracks until the chamber has been sealed.



Thanks to a rich experience with refractories, coke ovens, and all other kinds of furnaces, FIBS can provide expertise for :

  • Ageing of coke oven batteries

  • Preventive maintenance, curative repair

  • Recommendations for maintenance, reconstruction

  • Benchmark of the best available techniques for the maintenance of industrial ovens

  • and many more

Tailor-made Solutions

Tailor-made Solutions 

The Know-How of the technical staff, FIBS is able to provide Tailor-Made Solutions for :

  • Refractories

  • Special Equipments for Maintenance, Cleaning, Repairs

  • Inspection Devices

  • Insulation and operators' protection 

Contact us for a Tailor-Made Development !!!

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